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Happy Harvest Moon!
This full moon is in Pisces, that watery sign of the zodiac that helps bring our underlying emotions up to the surface.
This is a good thing, to release what we’re holding back, but it can be intense for some, too.  It can be a time where old wounds come up to be healed and a time for us to speak the truth about something we’ve kept quiet for too long.
The harvest moon also brings a change of season, and all across the northern hemisphere, the energetic intensity is showing up in the form of powerful hurricanes, floods and fires.
It’s a time of literal and metaphorical upheaval. A time that feels chaotic, but if we trust and lean into it, it’s here to help us release old ways of being that no longer serve and to wake us up to a higher vibration and more enlightened way of being.
Stepping into the highest version of yourself will bring balance into your personal relationships and your environment, both internal and external. The choice is yours.
What does this mean exactly?
Grab your journal and pen and ask yourself the following questions:
What is the vision you have for your life? (Be detailed. Get it all on the page.)
Who do you want to be? (Think of qualities you cherish in others and would like to cultivate more of in yourself.)
What is holding you back from being this highest version of yourself?
Is your mindset or thought process limiting you in any way?
What personal practices or self-care routines are you engaged in at this time to support this vision?
This moon is shining a light into our shadows to help us remember the truth of who we are. We can harness this energy for our personal growth and for the highest good of all.
Don’t let outer chaos or upheaval throw you off course. Trust the process.
If you’d like more support with this and you’re ready to:
  • Move forward in your life with clarity in your heart
  • Receive Divine support in manifesting a specific intention
  • Understand and release subconscious blocks to your well being and to living in alignment with your life purpose
  • Receive healing and guidance for a specific health concern
  • Learn simple yet profound practices to propel you into your soul’s calling…
Book a distance healing session with me. Or if you’re in Ft. Collins or Boulder, I’d love to support you in person. Learn more about my services here. 

Catherine Gregory is an intuitive healer and meditation instructor living in Ft. Collins, Colorado. She empowers women of all ages to heal and embody their inner wisdom and feminine power through her private practice and online coaching programs. Learn more at www.fertilebeing.com.

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Solstice is HERE!
Solstice today marks the half-point of the year and the beginning of the summer season, a time of year for us to embrace our light and shine!
This is the season of visibility, high energy, a time to enhance your magnetism and take action towards birthing your projects, dreams and visions into the world. Each month we have a phase of this energy in our menstrual cycle, our ovulation, when fertility, creativity and possibility flourish. Summertime represents this energy for everyone!
Being the Earth Mama that I am, I am honoring the extra long hours of sunlight today by spending time outside in nature. I’ve already had a magical encounter this morning with four baby raccoons, marching in line along the lakeshore at sunrise. Now I’m headed out on the trails in the foothills of Boulder, with the intention of magnetizing more beauty and wonder as the day unfolds. 
If you can’t be in nature today, here are some other ideas for you to capitalize on the energy of Solstice and bring more LIGHT, POWER AND MAGNETISM into your life:

  • Do a simple ritual of release to let go of anything blocking you from shining your light and stepping into your magnetic power. Write these blocks down on paper and then shred or burn it.
  • Speak or write what you want to bring into the light. Honor your intention by lighting a candle first, and then share your intention with a friend, or even better, a group of friends who are willing to hold one another accountable. 
  • Create a mini "vision board" that represents your intention. Draw, paint or collage images that inspire you. Keep it somewhere you’ll see every day.
  • Dance to your favorite song; sing, laugh and share yourself in community.
  • Be brave and post a fun video of yourself on social media!
  • Wear something that makes you feel magnetic and sexy. How you feel is most important.
  • EMBRACE your beauty, your body and your awesomeness! You increase your magnetism simply by loving yourself fully, flaws and all.
Whatever you do today, make it fun! Make it feel good! Give yourself permission to attract what you want and magnify the creative, fertile energy of summertime! 
May this be a day that marks a season full of powerful, magnetic magic!

Happy Solstice!
<![CDATA[Harness the Fertile Energy of SpringĀ ]]>Fri, 31 Mar 2017 23:50:24 GMThttp://yourfertilebeing.com/blog/harness-the-fertile-energy-of-springPicture
There are so many reasons why I love spring, but my very favorite is when Mother Earth literally flaunts the promise of new life and rebirth in a shameless, colorful spectrum of beauty. Who doesn’t love that?
As spring awakens in the northern hemisphere, we enter into a time of enhanced fertility and potent creativity. This seasonal shift is not only happening in the external world, a similar rhythm is going on within us. 

Honoring this seasonal change through ceremony, ritual or the suggested journaling practice below is a great way to wake up this creative, fertile energy in your own life.

Whether you’re working on creating a human life, or more metaphorically, birthing a new project into the world or taking a new direction in your self-care, your work or a relationship, spring is a great time to harness the rhythms available to boost your creative life force energy.

Below are some journaling prompts for welcoming the creative, fertile energy of spring into your life. Take some time to create a quiet, meditative space. Perhaps put some spring flowers in a vase, light a candle and then grab your favorite pen and journal to explore what you want to nurture this season.

  • What are you ready to birth into the world?

  • What would your life look like if this “dream” came to be? Take a moment and close your eyes to visualize this in great detail. Soak it in. Then write it all down.

  • Do you have the clarity and support you need to accomplish this dream?

  • Do you know what your next step is?

  • What are the limiting thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back? 

  • Are you willing to release these to step fully into your creative potential? 

If you’d like support for embracing and embodying more fertility in your life, literally or metaphorically, let's chat! 
I offer a free connection call to help you get clear about your intentions and any potential blocks to realizing your dream. Schedule your call via phone or Skype here.

Catherine Gregory is an intuitive healer and meditation instructor living in Ft. Collins, Colorado. She empowers women of all ages to heal and embody their inner wisdom and feminine power through her private practice and online coaching programs. Learn more at www.fertilebeing.com.

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“In the beginning is you, in the middle is you and in the end is you.”

What do you do to take care of YOU?

How do you nourish your body?

What calms your mind?

What feeds your spirit?

Self-care is not by definition “self-ish.”  Self-care is one of the greatest gifts you can offer to the world and to those you love.

When you’re running on empty in body, mind or spirit, you aren’t the only one who suffers. You may clearly see the impact on your own health, but do you see the ripple effect that has on your relationships, your work and your ability to be fully present and fully engaged in your life?

When we take the time to fill up our inner well with nourishing doses of regular self-care, we can then offer the best version of ourselves to the world around us. 

For me, self-care comes in the form of regular time alone in nature. Nature reminds me of the ever-present perfection in the seeming chaos, the beauty and abundance available to us all, and that its cyclical rhythms ~ from seed to blossom to decay, from the moon waxing and waning ~ are also reflected within me.

My self-care routine includes daily prayer, meditation and journaling. I also indulge in regular candlelit baths and massages. I love to read inspirational writing, to listen to beautiful music, to prepare a delicious, healthy meal, and to nourish my body, mind and spirit with yoga... and sometimes solo dance parties in my kitchen.

Making time for regular self-care, especially in the form of a daily morning ritual, can set your day in motion from a grounded, nourished place that has lasting benefits for all.

What are the ways you might fill up your inner well on a daily basis? Take time now and write them down. Then begin by putting a plan into action tomorrow.

Committing to regular self-care is like paying your savings account before your pay your bills. It may require creative problem-solving in the short term to make it a priority. However, the long-term payoffs will be amply rewarding ~ not only for yourself but for everyone you encounter.

Catherine Gregory, CMT, CMI is an Inner Wisdom coach, certified meditation instructor and intuitive healer practicing what she loves most in Fort Collins, Colorado. Learn more about her in-person and online offerings at www.fertilebeing.com. 

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I'm blissed and blessed to be on a mountain retreat in Crestone, Colorado this week, taking time to be still, to tune in to myself and to just breathe. 

Even though the natural world reflects more quiet, more darkness and more stillness this time of year, we humans tend to get amped up in our busyness, making long shopping and to-do lists and booking our calendars full of social events. It’s no wonder we often walk into the new year feeling depleted and disconnected.

The winter solstice on December 21st signifies the longest night and shortest day of the year (in the Northern hemisphere). We also celebrate the "rebirth" of the light as the days begin to grow longer again. Most of our holiday traditions this time of year are rooted in a celebration of this natural return of the light/sun/son into our world. Winter solstice is a powerful transition and a good re-set time.

So in the spirit of solstice, I invite you take a PAUSE with me. And you don’t have to retreat to the mountains to do this exercise. You can pause right in the middle of your busyness, wherever you are, to realign yourself with the seasonal rhythms of winter: slowing down and going within.

When we choose to end our year with intentional self-care and meditative reflection, it carries us into the new year with more spaciousness, groundedness and clarity for what matters most in our lives. 

Find a quiet and cozy spot where you won't be distracted and bring your favorite journal and pen. Light a candle. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. Take mindful inhales and exhales for a minute or two. Then open your eyes and use the following prompts for journaling:

1.    First, Acknowledge the Good. It’s easy to forget all the gifts of this past year and focus instead on what we didn’t like, so make a choice to consciously shift your awareness to the positive. Make statements that begin with “I am proud that I have…” (insert accomplishments)… or “I am proud that I have become” (insert qualities or expressions of presence). I am grateful for… (a lesson, an experience, etc.)

2.    Reframe the Challenges. Don’t ignore the struggles of this past year or any self-criticism that may come up. We all have echoes of an inner mean voice, so allow it to be heard, but reframe it with self-compassion: For example, instead of beating myself up that my I did not finish or publish my book as I intended to in 2016, I can have compassion for myself that I gained valuable experience as a newly divorced mother learning to stand on my own this past year, and see that I now have a broader, wiser perspective to share in the pages of my book when it does get published.

3.    Release What No Longer Serves. Write down on a separate piece of paper whatever you want to leave behind in 2016. This can be self-criticism, an attitude or behavior, a bad habit, a situation or relationship or whatever is no longer serving your highest good. Begin by stating “I choose to release…” Then when you’re done, take this release list and ceremonially burn it in the fireplace or let it disintegrate in a bowl of salt water.

4.    Set Your Intentions. Write down three potent words that describe how you want to FEEL as you step into 2017. Mine are RADIANT, CLEAR and LOVING. Add to that all the qualities and skills, wisdom and lessons you would like to carry with you into 2017. Include your intentions/goals for the year here, too. We have to make time to slow down and listen to our inner wisdom to know what goals are important to us and why.

5.    Visualize Your Dream. Take some extra time to make a vision board or another form of art with these words, wisdom and intentions for your new year. Display it in a place you will see everyday. Energy follows imagination, so make time every day to close your eyes and “imagine” the goals and intentions that you’ve set are already a reality.

Embrace the gifts of 2016 and declare it complete. Welcome 2017 with the clarity and calm that comes from the inner wisdom found in the pause.

With blessings and love,


Catherine Gregory, CMT, CMI is an inner wisdom coach, certified meditation instructor and holistic women's healer practicing what she loves most in Fort Collins, Colorado. Learn more about her offerings and reach out to her @ www.fertilebeing.com. 

<![CDATA[Post-Election Faith & Forgiveness]]>Wed, 09 Nov 2016 22:30:57 GMThttp://yourfertilebeing.com/blog/post-election-faith-forgivenessPicture
I woke up this morning like nearly half the country did: with a shock hangover and a lot of unanswered questions running through my mind… What does this new leadership mean for our country, our planet, and even more importantly, for the future of my children and generations to come? 

Just like every other human being on this earth, I have a few simple, common desires: I want to feel loved. I want to feel safe and secure. I want happiness, health and hope for a good life for myself and my loved ones.

So, today, regardless of my political leanings, I have a choice:  

I can choose to buy into the despair, the hatred, the darkness, the separation fueled by this presidential election in my country...

OR I can choose to remember that I am a part of an inconceivable web of Love and Light, a spiritual interconnectedness that ties me to every other human being on this planet.

I can remember that beneath this human drama, this illusion of our separateness, is the reality of our spiritual interconnection, our ONENESS.

Today is a wonderful day to remember that I’m a spiritual being having a human experience. And to remember to look beneath the surface of illusions, to not to take everything at face value. 

I can surrender all of my human burdens to this deeper faith in the power, beauty and strength of my spiritual nature.

Despite our political differences, our spiritual/religious beliefs or lack thereof, today I choose to remember that all of my fellow humans want to feel loved, to feel safe, to be happy, and to have a sense of faith and hope in the future.

Today I choose to see and encourage the underlying love, light and goodness that exists in every single human being, especially my political leaders.

Today I choose to forgive the ugliness, the hatred, and the divisiveness and take a stand for truth -- the ultimate truth of my spiritual interconnectedness to all of my fellow human beings.

Today I choose Love. Today I choose Forgiveness. Today I choose to look forward with Faith. 

Catherine Gregory, CMT, CMI is a certified meditation instructor, women's holistic health practitioner and Inner Wisdom coach based in Ft. Collins, Colorado. 
Learn more about her services and reach out to her at www.fertilebeing.com. 

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It’s a beautiful, full Harvest moon today, and in this abundance and illumination, I’m feeling the pull to open up and receive!

Receiving hasn’t always been easy for me. I’m a giver. 

Literally, in the Enneagram, that’s my personality type: The Giver or Helper. 

It’s oh-so-natural for me to give, to easily put my attention on others. But when it comes time to receive, I have typically felt a certain level of discomfort. I'd brush off a compliment, shy away from attention or turn down gifts or offers of support for no apparent reason.

In my dedicated pursuit of self-awareness over the years, I discovered that my discomfort in receiving stems from a deeply buried sense of unworthiness. My past tendency to turn away from receiving was rooted in an old familiar story, told in a mean-girl voice that said, "You are not worthy ... of that compliment, that support, that love, that fill in the blank." 

I looked deeply at the root of this "belief" that I was not worthy and discovered an antidote. I was naturally good at giving to others. Now it was time to turn the focus inward. It was time TO GIVE FULLY TO MYSELF. 

Self-care, I discovered, is not Self-ish.

Self-care—for me including candlelit baths, buying myself flowers, taking time to journal, meditate, do yoga and spend time alone in nature—has taught me how to really love and accept all of myself. 

Self-care has given me confidence to speak up and let my voice be heard, to believe in my self-worth--despite my flaws and imperfections--and to ultimately be able to receive the abundance and well-being that is my birthright.

There is a constant stream of well-being, abundance and joy available to each and every one of us. Our thoughts, personal beliefs and inner self-talk can either allow that stream to flood into us uninhibited, or shun it away.

What old stories, thoughts or beliefs are holding you back from RECEIVING the abundance, joy and well-being that is Divinely yours? 

Write them down. Find out where they began and then forgive. First, forgive yourself for believing them, then forgive others. Intentionally release whatever is not serving your highest good. You can even rip up the page or burn it ceremonially. 

Now, re-write your new story, the one where you are FULLY WORTHY of receiving all the abundance, joy and well-being that is available to you always. The story where self-love and self-acceptance heal and empower you to give and receive  fully.

What self-care practices will you commit to this coming weekend? 

Will you make self-care a part of your daily routine? 

Reach out if you'd like support or guidance on your self-care journey. 

The time to receive is now.
You are worthy! 

A snapshot from my first solo backpacking trip this month in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Deeply nourishing solitude amongst the coyote and elk! 

Catherine Gregory, CMT, CMI is a meditation instructor and Inner Wisdom coach based in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Learn more about her services and reach out to her at www.fertilebeing.com. 

<![CDATA[Cultivating Womb Wisdom]]>Thu, 28 Jul 2016 02:07:09 GMThttp://yourfertilebeing.com/blog/cultivating-womb-wisdomPicture
Most Western women don't have a conscious "relationship" with their womb or menstrual cycles. But if they do, it's generally not a positive one. 

We're taught to push through "that time of the month" and most of us ignore the various signs our bodies are giving us to slow down and pay attention. 

When our bodies are out of balance, our menstrual cycles are often irregular,  painful and even debilitating. But when we choose to slow down and honor our monthly rhythms through nourishing self-care practices, we heal our cycles and ignite an inner source of creative energy, feminine power, and intuition-- something I call Womb Wisdom. 

The physical health and proper alignment of the uterus plays a key role in our overall reproductive health. I learned this first-hand from a Mayan shaman in Mexico in 2001 and then in my professional certification training with Dr. Rosita Arvigo from Belize. [Listen to this podcast for a more in-depth understanding of how my work can jumpstart fertility and improve menstrual cycle health: https://soundcloud.com/user-714621985/102-holistic-fertility-specialist-and-upcoming-author-catherine-gregory]

In my years working with women struggling with reproductive health imbalances of all kinds, what strikes me most is the power of the mind-body connection. Simply put, our thoughts and beliefs about our wombs and cycles directly impact our physical health. 

It's not uncommon for women to harbor resentment, dread, shame and other forms of negativity towards this part of their body. Until we begin to heal and shift these negative perceptions, our menstrual cycles and reproductive health will suffer. 

Cultivating a loving relationship with this part of your body though nourishing and supportive tools is the key to balancing your reproductive health and awakening your feminine power. Even those who've lost their wombs can benefit from practices designed to heal trauma and awaken the creative energy source in the body where the womb resides.

Bringing awareness to your current thoughts and feelings about this part of your body can initiate your healing process. One of the best ways to do this is through the simple art of journaling. Find a journal or notebook you love, a good pen and take some time alone to answer the questions below.

My journaling rules are simple: Keep your pen moving, write until there's a natural stopping point, don’t worry about grammar or editing and just see what shows up on the page. 

1. How do you feel about your uterus, ovaries and reproductive health in general?

2. What are your thoughts about being a woman? Do you express or embrace your feminine power and creative life force? 

If so, how? 
If not, do you know why? 

3. If you've had challenges with your cycles or reproductive health, what has been your biggest struggle? 

4. What has helped you most with this struggle?

5. What changes would you like to see related to your menstrual cycles or general reproductive health?

If you'd like to dive more deeply into your personal healing exploration, please reach out to me at catherine@fertilebeing.com to schedule a free 15-minute consultation via phone or Skype. I have online offerings for those outside of my area. And I am honored to explore the next steps to guiding you into your own Womb Wisdom!

Catherine S. Gregory, CMT, CMI, is a certified meditation instructor, holistic health coach and advanced practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage. Learn more about her work at www.fertilebeing.com.

<![CDATA[The Gift of Being Vulnerable]]>Sat, 26 Mar 2016 00:30:43 GMThttp://yourfertilebeing.com/blog/the-gift-of-being-vulnerablePicture
Vulnerability is the only bridge to build connection.

A client of mine is struggling with the emotional roller coaster ride of not being able to get pregnant. She told me she recently shared her story on Facebook and it had relieved her pain on so many levels. Mostly she realized she wasn’t alone. Unbeknownst to her, many of her friends had also experienced fertility struggles. Wives of her husband's colleagues from work even came forward. By sharing her story, she received support and words of encouragement from a community she didn’t think would understand.

This reminded me of my own experience sharing my vulnerability in a public way last fall. I was highly resistant to announce my impending divorce on Facebook, mostly because I use social media to share photos of my kids and to check in on far away friends. The topic of ending my 17-year relationship to the father of my children felt too deep, too private to share with hundreds of “friends”, some of whom I don’t even know.

But when my soon-to-be-ex announced he would be “tagging” me in his post on Facebook about our divorce, I felt it was important to share the news with my friends, too. I posted a brutally honest paragraph about the long, hard year of my divorce and my depleted emotional state, asking for some support or words of wisdom from those willing to share.

What followed was a sheer outpouring of love. Friends old and new shared in a long list of brave public comments and a handful of private messages about their own divorce experiences. Some close friends I’d lost touch with were even going through divorce at that same time. Many shared how impressed they were by my courage to share about my divorce so publicly. Little did they know the sheer terror I felt before I clicked “post”.

What I learned from the risk of publicly sharing a difficult time in my life is that I am not alone in my struggle. We are not alone in our human struggle, whatever our struggle may be. There are nearly 7.4 billion people on the planet, and you can bet there’s someone else (if not many someone elses) struggling with a similar life challenge.

Risking my heart helped me see how “my story” isn’t really just mine. It opened the door to understanding our human interconnectedness more deeply, that I am woven into a beautiful tapestry of unique expressions of shared human experience and vulnerabilities. It reaffirmed that we all are on this human journey together, despite the illusion of our differences, despite the illusion of our separateness.

My stepping out to share a vulnerable, private time in my life, was in fact, the very healing I needed to move into the new phase of my life post-divorce. My friends circled around me, cocooned me in a blanket of love, cheered me on, offered me the gifts of their experience, their willingness to listen, even the use of their vacation homes (!), basically reminding me, “You got this, Catherine. You are not alone.”

I see the word “ALONE” and I notice it’s just one letter away from being ALL ONE. To me, that extra L stands for LOVE. When we risk it all, opening our hearts to share our vulnerabilities, we peel back the veil of separation and can then see the web of LOVE that connects us all. That web is sometimes invisible to the naked eye, but we can trust it’s always there. It’s my security blanket, my knowing this ultimate truth:

We are never truly “alone” in our human journey. When we step onto the bridge of vulnerability, we begin to see our human interconnectedness and to experience the healing love that binds us all together. 

Catherine S. Gregory, CMT, CMI, is a certified meditation instructor, holistic health coach and advanced practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage. Learn more about her work at www.fertilebeing.com.

<![CDATA[The Hidden Messages of PMS]]>Thu, 25 Feb 2016 01:26:26 GMThttp://yourfertilebeing.com/blog/the-hidden-messages-of-pmsPicture
When PMS strikes, consider it a call from your body to PLEASE MEDITATE SOON!

PMS (medically known as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) is often related to ignoring the monthly signal from our body to slow down and go within. 

Symptoms like irritability, headaches, depression and fatigue can all be signals from our body to be still, to pay closer attention. When we are busy or distracted by our daily "duties", we often ignore the subtler emotions or physical sensations our body is sending to us this time of month. Research shows daily meditation lowers stress hormones and balances reproductive hormones so that you can answer the call of PMS symptoms and tune in to what your body really needs. 

Maybe you already have a meditation practice and if so, engage it on a daily basis and try the journaling practice below.
If you don’t meditate, I suggest beginning with the following practice and the simple approach of initially carving out just 10 minutes per day to meditate.

 (*You can read aloud the steps below in a voice memo on your smart phone and then play them back as a guided meditation. Remember to talk softly and slowly.)

  • Sit on a cushion or in a comfortable chair with your spine erect and your hands resting comfortably in your lap or on your knees. Comfort is key!

  • Begin by simply bringing awareness to your breath. Follow your inhale through the nose and down into lungs, and then follow your exhale from the bottom of the lungs back out through the nostrils. Stay with your breath in this way for several minutes. 

  • You may notice your mind wandering away from your breath, and that’s okay. Breathe into any areas of your body that are calling your attention. Notice the sensations and allow them to be there. Are there any emotions associated with the physical sensations? Allow those to be there, too. 

  •  With practice and perhaps by trying longer meditations, you will experience more and more moments of inner stillness, where you become a witness to your thoughts and emotions instead of getting caught up in them. Often in this space, insight or inner guidance may come through. Simply bring your awareness back to your breath whenever your attention wanders. 

  • Honor the time you have committed to your meditation practice by staying present to whatever is unfolding and by fostering an open mind to receive the subtler messages your body may be giving to you. Use the suggested journaling practice following your meditation.

Following your meditation, the practice of journaling is a great way to record and explore any insights or “aha” moments you encountered during your meditation. If emotions, memories or perhaps physical needs surfaced, use your journal to recall and process further.

My top three journaling “rules” are:  1. Write in your own voice. 2. Keep your pen moving quickly even if you have to scribble at times. 3. Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar. Wisdom and insight often flow through your pen when journaling in this way. Trust what comes! 


Catherine Gregory, CMT, CMI is a certified meditation instructor and holistic health practitioner in Colorado. Learn more about her services at www.fertilebeing.com.